Apple Rush Recipes


One of the most popular uses of the Blueberry Apple Rush® beverage. Follow the recepie and enjoy a delicious and refreshing treat perfect for any day!

What you will need for One (1) Serving:

  • One Large glass
  • Dairy free Ice Cream (Soy, Rice or Coconut for example)
  • One bottle of our Blueberry Apple Rush® Beverage
  • An Ice Cream Scoop or large spoon
  • One straw, the crazier the better

Now for the fun!

  • Place one scoop of dairy free Ice Cream into the large glass
  • Pour over the Blueberry Apple Rush® Beverage until glass is 3/4 full
  • Once Blueberry is in the glass, a large foaming happens
  • Place a second scoop of the dairy free Ice Cream into the purple foam of Blueberry Apple Rush®
  • Insert Straw
  • Enjoy!

More Recipies to come...